I was a stranger, and you welcomed me.” - Matthew 25:35


DIASPRA diversity / inclusion - a support presentation resource association created to help your church or organization.  Let us help you grow.

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DIASPRA is here to help you with diversity / inclusion coaching, sensitivity training, workshops, church events, lectures and more! Call us today!

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Contact DIASPRA  now to begin a future of growth. We offer Church Diversity Coaching in North Carolina.

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Your Church Diversity Coaching in North Carolina

Guiding Towards Diversity / Inclusion

Guiding Towards Diversity & Inclusion in North Carolina

DIASPRA guiding churches to understand the power of diversity, inclusion, equity and parity.

Through workshops, coaching, and presentations, we increase awareness of cultural differences, reveal how you can communicate to serve, welcome and include all members of the community, position your church to cultivate an environment of acceptance, and help you breakdown barriers towards diversity / inclusion.

What is your organizational "EGG" score?

E - Ethnicity

G - Gender

G - Generation

An egg can be opened in one of two ways. If the pressure comes from the outside, it cracks and the contents are destroyed. If the pressure comes from the inside, there is birth and new life.

Churches must manage their response to these forces to ensure they will grow encouraging diversity / inclusion.