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PLAN or HOST a Stranger to Neighbor Ministry Workshop

A Scripturally-Based Resource for Congregations Seeking Unity in Faith

  • Discover what to do when everyone in church is just like you.
  • Learn how to reach across cultural boundaries for Christ.
  • Equip the congregation to grow diverse community relationships.
  • Discover new actions to evaluate every ministry in the church.
  • Learn how Jesus’s questions can grow an inclusive church community.
  • Equip your church for unity in faith with a Gospel-centered approach.


“For months —even years—I have yearned to learn more about deepening relationships into meaningful relationships—especially with people of different races and cultures…I received personal and professional clarity about relationships and I was challenged to increase my knowledge about people. Specifically, I learned to pay attention to people and my experiences with them. While still in a learning mode following the course, I am excited at the possibilities I have to discover additional learnings including God’s revelations to me.”

“My initial “Why?” For registering for the “Stranger to Neighbor” course was to challenge my comfort zone which is exactly what happened.  I highly recommend this important course work that continues to challenge my heart, should and Mind.”

Rev. Dr. Ka’thy Gore Chappell, Executive Director

Baptist Women in Ministry of NC

The Workshop

  • Identify why you want to bring a Stranger to Neighbor Workshop to your church.
  • What are your goals for the training?
  • Though it’s purpose can also serve as an early step towards building relationships with people who are not the same as the members of your congregation, workshops are most useful as a discipleship commitment towards achieving inclusive and intercultural relationships in your congregation.
  • Identify who the workshop is for - the ministry team, congregation, or a smaller group? If so, will participants be invited, urged, or required to attend?
  • Would the workshop be a cooperative effort, involving another church?
  • Cultural diversity participation is not required however, whenever possible Stranger to Neighbor Workshops thrive in culturally mixed settings of - race, gender, generation, and economic class differences.
  • What is your strategy to generate sufficient interest in the workshop in your church?
  • Do you need to sign up a few members to the online-on & demand course to prepare them to help you organize?
  • Is your church prepared to fund, raise funds, write a grant, or charge fees to cover costs associated with the workshop? Three funding sources may be considered. 1) the hosting church covers all costs, 2) multiple groups come together to cover the costs, 3) church members are encouraged to register as individuals. 
  • How will you register participants? Collect and handle registration fees? Develop a plan for how you will do this
  • You will need to register your participants.

After the Workshop

  • Dr. Daynette Snead Perez is available to deliver the message on the next day following the workshop for Sunday Worship Service.
  • Worship elements are available from DIASPRA to acknowledge the completion of the course for an Equity Sunday at your church. You are welcome to use the entire worship format or a portion of the worship elements to fit your worship context.
  • You will receive Stranger to Neighbor Completion Certificates for each participant at the completion of the workshop. It is your responsibility to distribute these to your participants.

The Book

  • How to grow church outreach step-by-step with new intercultural relationships in your community.
  • Guides your church through the intercultural ministry mindset and theology.
  • Provides practical insights and real-time exercises for facilitating STRANGER TO NEIGHBOR MINISTRY Learning Groups.

General Hosting Information for Live Workshops

  • Half-Day 4-hour LIVE workshops are now available.
  • For more information to schedule an initial appointment contact us here.
  • You may request a custom time outside our Saturday Workshop Day from 9am-1pm or 1pm - 5 pm
  • Upon successful submission of a request, you will receive an email stating your request a received and that we will be in touch shortly with a response. Requesting an appointment does not signify confirmation.
  • If confirmed, you will receive an additional confirmation email with next steps.
  • If we cannot confirm your request, we will notify you as soon as we know to reschedule or cancel.
  • Should you need a response before we are able to respond to your request, please feel free to contact us here.

What Happens Upon Confirmation

  • Bios and headshots for Dr. Snead Perez can be found on our website at
  • There is no pre-reading or work for the Stranger to Neighbor presentation.
  • DIASPRA, LLC will contact you directly to finalize details.
dr snead

The Author

FROM BUILDING A SIX-FIGURE BUSINESS TO LEADING CHURCHES ACROSS CULTURAL BOUNDARIES FOR CHRIST, Dr. Daynette Snead Perez was serving as pastor alongside a refugee congregation when she founded DIASPRA, an intercultural-focused ministry dedicated to equip the church for unity in faith.

Her authentic experiences with people from all walks of life guides church leadership and congregations from the Great Commission to ministry in action. Creator of STRANGER TO NEIGHBOR MINISTRY Experience, she transforms local churches from sameness to how to grow intercultural relationships for outstanding discipleship outreach.  Dr Snead Perez lives in Charlotte with her husband.  Visit for more bio information.


Contract and Cancellation Policy

  • It is important that you read and refer to this document throughout your planning process. A confirmed workshop constitutes our contract with you according to the terms laid out in this Hosting Guide.
  • Once we contract a workshop, this date is reserved for you.  If cancellation is a possibility, we ask that this occurs more than three weeks before the scheduled workshop so that we will not have already booked and incurred travel expenses. Workshops cancelled 14 days or less prior to your confirmed date shall be invoiced for our expenses.